Easy Property Rental Appraisals

Easy Property Rental Appraisals provides a FREE, no obligation, online rental appraisals for residential properties for all major cities across Australia.


What is the Rental Value of my Property ? 

I am looking to buy an Investment Property, how much rent can I expect ?

EPRA.com.au provide FREE Rental Appraisals for residential properties to answer the above questions for all major cities across Australia - EASY.

Our property appraisals are manually researched for each individual property by our panel of suitably qualified Licensed Estate Agents.

We do not physically inspect each property. Our appraisals are based upon local expertise and online available data. Every effort is made to ensure the report is as accurate as possible though due to contrast between properties these results are to be used as a guide only and are not to be relied upon in any way.


We provide a FREE comprehensive written report in just 5 Steps.


  1. Step 1 Address Of Property
  2. Step 2 Details Of Property
  3. Step 3 Your Details
  4. Step 4 Terms & Conditions
  5. Step 5 Receive Your Free Report
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